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Company Description

Accu-Svenska AB is the supplier of products and services for Minimum Quantity Lubrication Systems to industrial applications of all kinds. Our entire offerings include an ecological profile; and our lubricants are brought to customers directly from the nature with no additives.

​​​​​​​Our ECOLUBRIC® MQL System is completely designed and produced in Sweden. ECOLUBRIC® system meets the entire EU standards through the REACH directive in order to be an exempt from the restrictions. Our system is completely sustainable; and it does not expose any environmental or personal health risks.
If you would like to get rid of unhealthy cutting fluids and emulsions, you are warmly welcome to contact Accu-Svenska AB. We have solutions to almost all of the machine applications including cutting machines, plastic deformation, timber, and sawmill industry. Our various well-reputed satisfied industrial business partners confirm that they achieved to better work environment, product quality, and higher levels of profit while they had neither environmental nor human health risks with Accu-Svenska’s ECOLUBRIC® MQL systems.
We at Accu-Svenska AB have more than 20 years of experience in producing and supplying environment-friendly lubricants and Minimum Quantity Lubrication systems to the industry.

Thank to our experience and know how, we have the ability to bring suitable solutions to our clients based on their special needs. Any particular client of Accu-Svenska benefits from an optimized ECOLUBRIC® system that is specially designed and produced for that particular client.
You are welcome to contact us; we will then visit you for a non-biased visit and review of your production lines in order to bring you the best ECOLUBRIC® MQL Solution.