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Accu -Lube®

The Accu-Lube® precision applicators provide an excellent performance as long as the tool leaves the work piece during the cutting operation and a new film of Accu-Lube® lubricant can be applied onto the cutting edge of the tool.
In order to accompany also such applications with the Accu-Lube® MQL where the tool does not leave the material during the cutting operation, for instance drilling, grooving, parting off and turning, the Accu-Lube Mini Booster was developed.
The Accu-Lube® Mini Boosters are applicators which are additionally equipped with booster chambers.
These booster chambers create a fine lubricant-air mixture. The lubricant-air mixture is transported through the machine tool spindle to the cutting edge of the tool.

For more information about Accu-Lube systems refer to www.accu-lube.com