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The system is available in two versions: conventional and booster. Both of the systems operate similarly. They both mix oil and air first; then the air-oil mixture is sprayed onto/into the machine tool. Air pressure and oil flow are automatically adjusted by the system's PLC program to the tools used in the machine.

Consequently, there would be no need for operators’ adjustments.
The Booster and the Conventional system are designed so as they can be easily mounted on or in connection with the machine to be served. A signal from the machine activates the PLC program and starts the system. The number of lubrication points and the flow of oil can be easily adjusted.

​​​​​​​By employing and applying such MQL systems, negative environmental impacts will be reduced and better economic profiles will be achieved while the consumption-level of lubricants is also lowered.
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Conventional system

Applicators for external lubrication are delivered in a modular system enabling a system matching the customer application. One or more precision pumps supplies an adjustable quantity of lubricant to the nozzle. On applicators with more than one pump, each pump can be controlled individually. Through a concentric outer tube, pressed-air is lead towards the end of the capillary tube so that the lubricant is atomized and applied to the cutting edge. A long lasting thin film of lubricant reduces the heat-generation in the tool and the specimen.

High speeds are responsible for short tool life, not feed rates. The economic way of increasing productivity is with higher feed rates and lower speed; this is not possible while using traditional coolants. Using ECOLUBRIC® systems, the customer achieves longer lifecycle of tools and shorter production time cycle.
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1393856919 conventional
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The Conventional Lubrication precision applicators provide an excellent performance as long as the tool leaves the work piece during the cutting operation and a new film of ECOLUBRIC® lubricant can be applied onto the cutting edge of the tool.
In order to accompany such applications where the tool does not leave the material during the cutting operation, for instance drilling, grooving, parting off and turning, Accu-Svenska supplies a Booster system where the lubricant-air mixture is transported through the machine tool in order to spindle to the cutting edge of the tool.